Each of pins 1, 3, 5 of the 40106 gets connected to the inputs of 4069 UB inverters. Same goes for pins 9, 11, 13 from voice B. Usually these Oscillators only create squarewaves, but with an added 4069 (UB!), a triangle-like waveform can be extracted for LFO-purposes. All outputs via Banana-sockets.
Voice B is given its own filter. Here the original circuit by the late Ray Wilson, Music From Outer Space. The Pcb track has to be interrupted here and a cable has to be soldered to connect into the added filter circuit.
Here the modified filter using a Vac Pac for the cutoff frequency instead of the potentiometer. That way we have Voltage Controll. Same goes for the resonance. The Vac Pac circuits from Synthrotek can be powered via the 9Volt power-supply of the WSG.



Channel A/B Zany Oscillators Trigger Out

This mod will let you trigger other modules from your WSG. The triggers will be at the same rate as Channel A and B Zany frequency. Whether or not this will trigger your gear is dependent on how much voltage your gear's trigger input requires. The WSG can only put out a pulse that will be in the 5 to 7 volt range. You can increase the size of the capacitor to about 0.1uF but not much more to get a bit more amplitude in the pulse.
My add is to run the trigger into a 4047 monostable multivibrator to get a squarewave gate output and also to have it buffered to avoid influence on the Zani-circuit.

Channel B Zany Oscillator Trigger Out - Same as Channel A



Retriggerable Monostable Circuit

CD 4047 here as low power Monostable Multivibrator requires only an external capacitor and a resistor to produce output pulses from triggers coming in from the WSG: The values of these components determine the output pulse width in the Monostable mode.
Monostable mode can be obtained by triggering the + input of the IC using a low to high pulse or by a high to low pulse at the – input. The IC can be retriggered by applying simultaneous low to high pulse in both the + and – inputs.
Pin connections of CD4047
CD 4047 is a low power CMOS IC that can be supplied from the 9Volt supply of the WSG.
Retriggerable Monostable Circuit based on CD 4047
The circuit diagram is the typical application of the IC CD4047 in the Monostable mode. The timing elements are the capacitor C1 connected between the pins 1 and 3and the resistor R1 between pins 2 and 3. When a low to high pulse is applied to its pin 8 and 12, output pulse will be available from pins 10 and 11.
Output pulse width depends on the values of R1 and C1 which can be determined using the formula 2.48 R.C. R1 should be between 10k and 10M.
Trigger-Gates are made accessable via Banana-sockets.

4024 Divider

Now lets use these triggers turned squarewaves to create some interresting stuff. For a good reason we will call that periodic squarewave clocksignal in the next sections. It allows us to see the similarities with clocksignals created from other sources. A good start with a clocksignal is a divider - here we use the CD 4024 with 7 outputs -  delivering /2, /4, /8, /16, /32, /64, /128 of the frequency of the the clocksignal. That is more than enough for us for now. Again outputs are delivered via banana-sockets.